Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lots of Details = Longer Lunch

One of the perks of working at MindActive, well other than the free beer, is the pool and lounge area on the roof. Fashion Square Lofts is in a pretty scenic location downtown. I have the St. Louis Dispatch building on one side and the City Museum on the other. I brought some friends to the roof for the 4th of July and we could fairly see the fireworks between the US Bank building and another one.

Anyways, I ate my spring rolls and salad on the roof today and drew this scene of Washington Avenue and 14th Street. The building highest on the paper is the City Museum. I can't wait to just draw that building and the things attached to it's roof. I get excited with all the drawing possibilities on top of the roof... North City, South City, Downtown, Church Spires... It's my job to take long lunches and document the roof of Fashion Square Lofts in line drawings.

My pen flew, from the winds, on to the area the construction guys were working. I got a highlighter out of the retrieval. Sweet.

Friday, June 29, 2007

my apartment

Lately I've been getting off work fairly late and when the sun is down- downtown St. Louis is deserted (as opposed to slightly deserted during the day). Anyways, I've been driving down Washington, Locust, and Olive looking at all of the businesses & buildings on the way home- instead of speeding down Gravois or 40. To make a long story short Mid-City has some sweet architecture, especially Locust. Like I love the tops of buildings, is it called the crown moulding? I don't know. There is a mixture of rehab and neglect of old buildings in St. Louis, most of the neglect in North City. There are a few blogs related to these topics: VanishingSTL and Urban Review STL and my favorite is this one- because the guy just pedals around and snaps pics: B.E.L.T..

So I thought it would be cool to start drawing that. But I thought I should first draw my own old building that I call home and start from there.

I also drew Gretchen's keyboard. Boy I have a long ways to go.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

other people's genius

work has been kicking my butt. monday i went home at 10:30 and yesterday i went home at 11:30. damn soft drinks.

so i've only done brooklynn's card so far and i still need to do caitlin's. that window is running out.

but i did find these drawings from the japanese government (referenced in another blog). they did it to reduce waste of paper bags. pretty awesome. imagine if the united states did that.

i also found this awesome effects reel from a san francisco design firm. excellence is hard to find.

Friday, June 15, 2007

i get bored at work

Here is a collection of lil drawings that I have done at work. By little I mean I'm drawing them on little "stickies" (but they aren't sticky or yellow) that are around 3"x3". I have them taped up next to my desk on the exposed concrete.

I'm posting in chronological order:
The view out of one of the windows in my office. I wish I knew the names of these buildings. They are on Washington Ave.

I was inspired by the lyrics from "Stuck To You" by HelloGoodbye. It's my phone and that annoying and addicting phrase.

The Boathouse in FoPo has the best Rum Punches in St. Louis. These two were inspired by the good weather.

These wasabi peas are spicy but aren't even close to the first wasabi peas I had at the Image Group with Jake and Becky.

These are lyrics that have inspired me to do some more creative work. Watch for em.

my sister's card

My little sister, Katie, just graduated from a dental hygiene program a month ago. She got her results from clinical boards last week and she got 100%. I made this card for her. I'm pretty proud of her. She also bartends at a bar in our hometown so that's why I put a lot of drinking references.

My neices birthdays are this week, Caitlin is 7 and Brooklynn is 2, so I will be making them cards also. I also will be posting all of my previous drawings that I do at work when I am bored.

Keri Smith's new book is out. It's called
Wreck this Journal. I'll buy it when I have more money. I've been following her blog for a long time. She's very cool. Check it out.