Friday, June 29, 2007

my apartment

Lately I've been getting off work fairly late and when the sun is down- downtown St. Louis is deserted (as opposed to slightly deserted during the day). Anyways, I've been driving down Washington, Locust, and Olive looking at all of the businesses & buildings on the way home- instead of speeding down Gravois or 40. To make a long story short Mid-City has some sweet architecture, especially Locust. Like I love the tops of buildings, is it called the crown moulding? I don't know. There is a mixture of rehab and neglect of old buildings in St. Louis, most of the neglect in North City. There are a few blogs related to these topics: VanishingSTL and Urban Review STL and my favorite is this one- because the guy just pedals around and snaps pics: B.E.L.T..

So I thought it would be cool to start drawing that. But I thought I should first draw my own old building that I call home and start from there.

I also drew Gretchen's keyboard. Boy I have a long ways to go.

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Anonymous said...

is this a drawing from daytime? guess so because I don't see any roaches. I like this alot. You should be famous.